5 Minute Kitchen Workout

Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or whilst the food is cooking, do this quick kitchen workout! It couldn’t be more simple!

If you do these 5 minute workouts 4-5x a day, you’ve pretty much reached your 30minute a day exercise quota whilst also strengthening those muscles

That might be whilst the kettle is boiling, in your lunch break at work (see my desk workouts!), whilst the bath is running or during an advert break on TV. Whatever it is, make it quick, flexible and most importantly, enjoyable!

1- x10 wide arm worktop press-ups

2- 10seconds jogging on the spot

3- x10 hop jumps taking the left leg back

4-10x hop jumps taking the right leg back

5- 20x alternating lunges

6- 10seconds twisting jumps

7- x10 squats lifting left leg

8- x10 squats lifting right leg

9- x10 narrow arm worktop press-ups –

Enjoy!! And mix it up with exercises you like. The world is your oyster with these exercise hacks!


5 Minute Ad-break Workout

Challenge yourself to do this mini workout during the ad breaks when you’re watching TV to get your heart pumping and those muscles working! –

Much more achievable, time saving and enjoyable than slogging in a gym!!

  • 1- x8 star jumps
  • 2- x8 squats -x8 lunge jumps
  • 3- x8 reverse lunges
  • 4- x8 one legged lunges (with right leg raised)
  • 5- x8 one legged lunges (with left leg raised)
  • 6- 8x tricep dips



10 Minute Chair Workout

A chair workout which can be done anytime, anywhere!  Whether it be at your desk in work, on the sofa, at the kitchen table, on an outdoor bench or at a bus stop, you can do this workout there! (Just make sure the chair/bench is stable!)

Exercise is difficult to fit in to our busy lives so a quick and easy workout which you can do at work, whilst your waiting for a bus, during an advert break, or whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, will help you to fit it in.

It will take less than 10 minutes and it will definitely get the heart rate up 💪🏻

Give it a go!

Do each exercise one after the other without a break.

  • 1- toe taps for 30 seconds
  • 2- tricep dips x15
  • 3- press ups x15
  • 4- side squats with left leg raised x15
  • 5- side squats with right leg raised x15
  • 6- lunges with left leg up on chair x15
  • 7- lunges with left leg up on chair x15
  • 8- squats hovering over chair x20
  • 9- toe tap abs (make sure back is not touching chair)
  • 10- bicycle abs (make sure back is not touching chair)

Repeat if you can!


5 Minute Desk Workouts

Work at a desk and sit down most of the day? Try this simple desk workout to keep that blood pumping, muscles working and brain functioning!!  I did this on my lunch break – so glad no one walked in!!

1 – 10x squats at chair

2 – 10x press ups at desk

3 – 10x reverse lunges

4 – 10x squats with leg lifts on each leg

5 – 10x seated shoulder press with something weighted (I chose a water bottle and hand gel but choose anything you have lying around!)

6 – 10x lateral arm raises with something weighted as above.


Try this quick and easy workout to wake you up and get that blood pumping to your brain! Another mini-routine you can do during the day. You can do this at work, at home or in a hotel room – no excuse to get that body moving!

1- x10 lunges with right foot on chair

2- x10 lunges with left foot on chair

3- x10 single leg squats on right

4- x10 single leg squats on left

5- x10 tricep dips (either on a table or stable chair) – make sure you keep your elbows pointing straight back behind you and your bottom as close to the desk or chair as possible)

6- 10x wide arm press-ups

7- 10x narrow arm press-ups (ensure the elbows are tucked into your body and not sticking out-this will work your triceps more)

8- x20 lunge jumps (alternating legs)


Give them a go!


Home HIIT Workouts

High intensity workouts are not for everyone but I find they work well for me, as they are quick and can be done at home (no need for a gym membership!) If I don’t fancy doing a HIIT, I’ll either do yoga, go for a run, do some weights at home, bounce on my rebounder or just rest and do nothing! Do whatever works for you. 

For my workouts, the aim is to do as many of the exercise in the 30-40 seconds as possible, then have a 20-30 second break. You can then repeat it 2-3 times, depending on how energetic you’re feeling! I use a HIIT workout app (Seconds) in order to compile the workout.
Make sure you do a good warm up before starting the workout (I can post a simple one on here soon) but avoid it if you’re injured or not feeling well. 
Remember my videos are sped up to fit into 1 minute so go at your own pace!


For this workout I did;

1 – high knees

2 – mountain climbers

3 – reverse lunges

4 – side dips to the right

5 – side dips to the left

6 – downward dog press ups

7 – lunge jumps 

I hope you enjoy it!


You will need a dumbell for this workout (I use a 4kg one) and a medicine ball (I use a 5kg one). If you don’t have a medicine ball, use a dumbell, if you don’t have either, maybe try a filled bottle of some description!

Make sure you warm up properly before you start and please make any changes you want to adapt it to suit your needs.

I’ve also given you options for the abs exercise which I’ll explain below;


1 – high knees with reaching arms

2 – burpees with tuck jumps

3 – one legged bridges (swap legs half way through)

4 – abs with medicine ball…

  • option 1 with both feet on floor.
  • option 2 with one leg raised.
  • option 3 with both legs raised.

5 – side plank with weight (right side)

6 – side plank with weight (left side)

7 – triceps dips with one leg raised, swapping over legs half way



 For this workout I did;

1 – Single leg hop (you can swap legs half way through if you wish)

2 – Plank tuck jumps

3 – Sumo squat jumps

4 – Single leg press ups

5 – Alternate leg abs

6 – Side plank leg lifts (make sure to swap sides!)

All you need is a mat and some music!



For this workout all you need is a mat and two dumbells. I used 4kg weights but choose whichever weight suits you. Make sure you warm up before starting!


1 – 10x lunge jumps

2 – 10x forward lunge with twist

3 – 10x reverse lunge with bicep curl

4 – 10x squats with shoulder press

5 – 10x reverse flies

6 – 10x triceps pull ups

7 – 10x oblique twists

8 – 10x sit ups with shoulder press



A perfect post-work pick me up workout!

I used 4kg dumbbells and a wobble board for this workout. If you don’t have a wobble board, don’t worry just do the exercises on the ground.


1 – x10 lateral raises on the flat

2- x10 lateral raises on wobble board

3- 10x squats on wobble board with bicep curls

4- 10x one legged extensions with shoulder press on wobble board on each leg

5- 15x reverse flies

6- 12x lunges with twist on

7- 10x static lunge with bicep curls on each side

8- 10x side flexions on each side

9- 15x sit ups with weighted extensions

10- 30x obliques with weight

Repeat 2-3 times.


No equipment needed, just a mat and yourself! This is not a low impact one sorry.



1- Bridge jumps side to side

2- High knees with arms

3- Squat jumps turning

4- Plank with tuck jumps (centre and to each side)

5- Split leg plank jumps

6- Bridges

7- Bicycle obliques

8- Plank with hip side dips

Good luck!


Whilst i was away skiing in the Alps there was a terrible ski day,  so I came back in the afternoon and did a quick workout in the chalet!


1- star jumps
2- knee to elbow jumps
3- sumo squat jumps
4- side runs
5- frog jumps forward and backwards
6- bear crawls forward and backwards
7- mountain climbers
8- plank squats with straddles
9- squat jumps
10- tricep dips
11- obliques
12- reverse bicycles