Home HIIT Workout

The aim is to do 30-40 seconds of each exercise with a 20-30 second rest in between. The whole cycle can then be repeated 2-3 times depending on how energetic you’re feeling!

You will need a dumbell for this (I use a 4kg one) and a medicine ball (I use a 5kg one). If your don’t have a medicine ball, use a dumbell, if you don’t have either, may be try a filled bottle of some description!

Make sure you warm up properly before you start and please make any changes you want to adapt it to suit your needs.

I’ve also given you options for the abs exercise which I’ll explain below👇🏻

1 – high knees with reaching arms

2 – burpees with tuck jumps

3 – one legged bridges (swap legs half way through)

4 – abs with medicine ball…

  • option 1 with both feet on floor.
  • option 2 with one leg raised.
  • option 3 with both legs raised.

5 – side plank with weight (right side)

6 – side plank with weight (left side)

7 – triceps dips with one leg raised, swapping over legs half way

Hope you enjoy it!